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About us

We provide world class services and solutions to meet your unique business needs

We are a leading company that provides frontline security, training and consultancy services in the UK.

The Protection Service (TPS) Ltd

TPS Ltd was incorporated as a private limited liability company on 11 November 2013 with company registration number 08768722 . We offer specialised services to individuals and organisations adhering to best practices and excellence.

TPS is a leading company that provides comprehensive frontline security solutions, training and consultancy services. We are a registered limited liability company in the UK with the capacity to deliver globally. We offer quality and bespoke services to our clients and partners.

TPS provides business solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our pride is rooted in the quality service our clients enjoy at all time. We are an innovative organisation that strives to provide unequal level of service that cannot matched.

Why Choose The Protection Service?

We take the view that no two task are alike.
Our custom made services are designed to ensure all the particular requirements of each task are clearly identified with the service provision structured to meet those requirements.

This is achieved by

  • Remaining flexible and agile to our customers changing needs and requirements.
  • Ensuring the right fit for each task
  • Providing high level of professionalism and attention to detail
  • Attentive, proactive and supportive management.
  • Regular monitoring of the service provisi

Our Vision

To epitomize global innovation, creativity, and professionalism

Meet our Team

Our team are nimble and versatile with multiple sectoral experience, professionalism, and deliver top class services.

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