Lone Working, Risk Assessment and Conflict Management

Lone Working, Risk Assessment and Conflict Management

This course will examine the concept of ‘lone working’ and outlines employers’ legal responsibilities in regard to keeping lone workers safe. Learners will develop a lone working policy as a team to ensure ownership. The training will explain risk assessment process, how managers can identify hazards and ensure suitable control measures are chosen. Practical advice on the control measures for lone workers will be explored. Participants will practice conflict management strategies to de-escalate possible violent situations. Participants will work on range of case studies in order to strengthen their skills and gain practical knowledge.


Course Structure and Cost

Course Content
  • Who are lone workers and what does the law say about lone working?
  • What are the responsibilities of the employer and the lone worker?
  • How to develop and own a lone worker policy
  • What is a risk assessment?
  • Identifying hazards and who might be harmed and how
  • Evaluating risks and deciding on precautions
  • Control measures for lone workers
  • De-escalation strategies
  • Risk management measures
Training Outcomes
By the end of the session participants would have:
  • Understood the risks to health and safety posed by lone working.
  • Known what the law requires of employers and employees in regards to lone working.
  • Understood the different steps required when undertaking a risk assessment.
  • Been made aware of the appropriate control measures that can be implemented in order to keep lone workers safe from harm.
  • Understood what needs to be included in a safe system of work for lone workers.
  • Utilised conflict resolution strategies to de-escalate situations
Training Methodologies
  • Syndicated group work exploring case studies on different subjects
  • Training presentation exploring issues in-depth and encouraging interactive discussions
  • Audio-visual aids (DVD documentaries) to enhance learning on key issues, show different perspectives
Written / Observation
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£75.00 per person

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